Nebraska Stop Class Requirements

Where can I find more information about this course? For more information about the STOP program or a registration form, please contact the Nebraska Safety Center at or 308-865-1287 or click on the county where you received your citation: Dawes County does not allow ticket changes or hearing date extensions. Dawes County requires STOP class scores and court fees to be in their office BEFORE your hearing date. Below are some of the most common violations that can be rejected in any jurisdiction. The list is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time. Our online registration system will recommend the course that`s right for you. Research shows that people who have completed driver training and/or STOP/STAR class are better drivers, in fact, 94% of people who have completed the NSCN Speed Release course report that they are more cautious drivers after completing the course. Become a better driver and help make our roads safer for everyone. This 4-hour course is a highly interactive driver development program that emphasizes the importance of attitude in accident prevention and good driving skills. In four hours, DDC 4 provides practical strategies to reduce collision injuries, fatalities and related costs.

Most importantly, this course highlights the consequences of poor driving decisions. DDC 4 is an ideal refresher course for experienced drivers. The course also meets the requirements of court-ordered defensive driving courses in the following counties: Douglas, Cass and Washington in Nebraska and Pottawattamie County and City of Council Bluffs in Iowa. This eight-hour course is based on a scientific theory of behavior change: reality therapy. Students who participate in this interactive “Driving Attitude Dynamics” course learn to recognize the pitfalls of the decisions they make and analyze the decisions to develop responsible driving models. Also meets the requirements of a court-ordered defensive driving course for the following counties: Douglas, Cass and Washington, Nebraska. The National Safety Council, Nebraska, offers five different courses to suit your ticketing needs. Your training course is determined by your traffic violation. You may NOT participate in the STOP class if you: (as provided in Rev.

Stat. 60-682) What are the benefits of this course? By participating in the course, the offender does not pay a fine, has not appeared in court, has no points against his case and can improve his driving habits! This county also offers an online course option. To register for the online course, please send an email to request the STOP Online Registration Form. Choose the risk-free defensive driving course – if you attend our course to get an insurance discount and don`t get one from your insurance company, you`ll get a full refund. You must meet all applicable eligibility requirements for license upgrades and renewals. All courses are held at: College Park – Room 205 3134 W Highway 34 Grand Island, NE All courses are held at: Elwood High School 502 1st Avenue Elwood, NE 68937 Our unique car and drone videos are different from other training courses. You will be able to see driving situations and road hazards from different angles and understand how to follow traffic rules and avoid speeding tickets. You won`t want to take our course – but if you must, you can use our simple bookmark feature to cancel the course and resume it later without repeating the content. This four-hour intervention program for young drivers is for drivers between the ages of 15 and 24. The course helps participants understand why young drivers often underestimate the risks, addresses the effects of inexperience, peer pressure, and distractions such as cell phones and text messaging.

The curriculum defines national and local laws and regulations of conduct and helps students develop their communication skills. Passenger responsibility, the consequences of speeding, seat belt use, safe routes and the dangers of driving disruptions will also be covered during the course. Also meets the requirements of a court-ordered defensive driving course for the following counties: Douglas, Cass and Washington, Nebraska. All courses take place at: Holt County Annex 128 N 6th St O`Neill, NE 68763 Please bring a copy of your quote with your driver`s license to class. Choose the 6-hour version to meet specific court or insurance requirements All courses take place at: Chadron State College Student Center, Ponderosa Room 1000 Main Street Chadron, NE 69337. Time and place of lessons 3. Saturday (8:00-12:00) February, May, August, November. Course times and locations 2nd Saturday (8:00 – 12:00) 4th Sunday (13:00 – 17:00) (Holiday periods may vary). Now, our team is focused on revolutionizing online driver training.

This defensive driving course is for drivers over the age of 55. The STOP4 – Experienced Driver course is designed not only to refresh drivers` understanding of basic defensive driving techniques and introduce new collision avoidance skills, but also to cover various techniques that drivers can use to compensate for the effects of the aging process on driver performance. The course covers pre-trip inspections, communication, and physical changes. Participants complete a self-assessment, personal health assessment and discuss driving scenarios. County Attorney: Donna Fegler Daiss 500 W 4th St., Suite 143 Hastings, NE 68901402-461-7240 County Attorney: Shawn Eatherton PO Box 67 Kearney, NE 68847308-236-1222. If you prefer to complete the registration form by hand, please contact 308-865-1287 to request the Adams County STOP course brochure. Once you have received and completed your brochure, you can send both payment instructions using the form to the following address: If you have specific questions about deadlines, please read the frequently asked questions below. SCHEDULE: Available online 24/7 for ALL counties we serve.

You may be eligible for a discount after completing our course! Check with your auto insurance agent to see if you qualify. Pawnee County Attorney: Jennifer Stehlik-Ladman PO Box 471 Pawnee City, NE 68420402-852-2973. County Attorney: Melodie Bellamy 424 N Colorado PO Box 110 Minden, NE 68959. Nebraska offers several driver`s license options for new drivers. These include: Drive smart. Drive with confidence. And always, DriveSafe. The cost of the Grand Island City STOP Class includes: Nebraska insurance companies may offer eligible drivers a defensive ride discount.

The terms and amount of savings may vary from one provider to another. Please contact your insurance company to find out if you are eligible to submit our Defensive Driving Certificate online for an insurance discount.

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