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NISSAN is responsible for the management and administration of the personal database generated by the use of the website and stores this data at the following address: Maipú 267 Piso 13, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Below is the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) for the Website at URL (“Website”). To exercise any of these rights, the visitor must send an email indicating his name and surname, his identification number, his request and the reasons for exercising his right. Once the above points have been completed and the order needs to be placed, Nissan will inform the visitor if it has triggered it or if it rejects the order. NISSAN has 10 calendar days from receipt of the request and accredited identity to send a response in the event of an access request and 5 working days from the accreditation of the identity if the visitor requests the correction, update or deletion of his data. Nissan may be obliged by law or even by technical problems with the operation and management of the website to store users` personal data, so in these cases it is not possible to process the request for deletion of personal data. For all judicial and extrajudicial purposes, Nissan is located at Maipú 267 piso 13, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, where all communications relating to the use of the website are valid. The notification must be made reliably. In the event that a visitor alleges that there has been a violation of the Privacy Policy on the Website or has any other claim, he/she may address such a complaint to the following email address: The person responsible for the website is Nissan Argentina S.A. (hereinafter “NISSAN”), with registered office at Maipú 267 piso 13, city of Buenos Aires. The use, access, subscription or navigation of the site in general is authorized to any person of full legal age and capacity, in accordance with the law of residence of the visitor and / or user. The use, access, subscription or browsing in general by minors is prohibited. The parents or guardians of the minor are directly responsible for the violation of the Privacy Policy and any other damage caused to the minor or third parties as a result of using the Website.

Changes to our Privacy Policy / Legal Notice. N-ARG reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, change, add or remove portions of this Privacy Policy/Legal Notice at any time. We encourage you to review this policy each time you consider the website N-ARG.Se when entering your personal data that you have given your express consent to all that is indicated in the previous paragraphs. The owner of the personal data has the right to exercise the right of free access to them at intervals of at least six months, unless a legitimate interest for this purpose is exercised in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 (3) of Law No. 25,326; Consent to the data may be revoked and the National Directorate of Personal Data, the supervisory body of Law 25.326, is responsible for dealing with complaints and claims submitted in relation to non-compliance with the regulations on the protection of personal data. This Privacy Policy shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Argentine Republic, without regard to the application of conflict of laws rules relating to the application of any other law. 9. This website may contain links to other websites that are completely independent of it. In this sense, N-ARG assumes no responsibility or guarantee for the accuracy, scope or correctness of the information contained on these Internet pages.

Access to any such website is at your own risk. 6. The information contained in this document has been made as complete and appropriate as possible. However, N-ARG will not be responsible for any errors or omissions on the Website and reserves the right to make changes to prices, models, equipment, specifications, performance and availability at any time without notice. For this reason, it is recommended to check the page regularly. The images are not contractual, as they are exhibited for advertising purposes and are only illustrative. There may be differences between the images and the actual dimensions and characteristics of the images, and technical specifications and equipment may vary depending on the model and version. 3. The information contained in this document has been made as adequate, detailed, complete and appropriate as possible. N-ARG is not responsible for any errors or omissions on this site.

This website may contain information on products or product models that are not marketed in the Argentine Republic. The information contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be considered as an offer to sell. For more information about the product, please contact the Nissan Argentina S.A. Customer Service Center.

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