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We feel so blessed to be part of a school environment that has been responsible for both of our children flourishing. They have both reached their true potential within a short time, not just academically; but also personally. They have been nurtured and understood as individuals. This school is a community where the teachers and staff know each child by name. Where the children know they have a place.

Kirsty Thomas


We are fairly new to the school, my son has just completed his second term. And we absolutely love Tauranga Adventist school!! The way that each child is truly and individually known is so special. My boy has been so warmly welcomed into his class as a new entrant; the teacher, Miss Foote, truly is fantastic and makes the ‘starting school’ process so easy. I am so impressed with what my son has learnt already and his confidence in his new social circle. We also love the big grin Mr Baronian gives us as we walk through the doors each morning! Thanks for accepting us into this unique kind of school family.

Shell Drinnan


Said about us


Said about us


We have been a part of Tauranga Adventist since 2015 when our oldest son started here. We both love the school our 2 children both enjoy school very much and the Teachers are amazing and supportive of them. I highly recommend this school for future parents wanting a Christian school.

Claire Marshall

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